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ChipInspector: Release Notes

[Overview of Release Notes]

Release April 2016

Data updates:

Release July 2015

Data updates:

Release January 2014

Data updates:

Release December 2012

Data updates:

Release September 2011

Data updates:

Release December 2010

Data updates:

Release February 2010

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Release July 2009

Data updates:

September 2008: ChipInspector Release 2.1

As ChipInspector 2.1 is based on a more recent version of the Netbeans platform the new features are only available after downloading and installing the new version. Getting the new version via the built-in updating functionality is not possible.

July 2008: ChipInspector Release 2.0

ChipInspector 2.0 is based on a new client platform and can be installed and executed in parallel to ChipInspector 1.x.

November 2007: ChipInspector Release 1.4

June 2007: ChipInspector Release 1.3.5

April 2007: ChipInspector Release 1.3

October 2006: ChipInspector Release 1.2

August 2006: ChipInspector Release 1.1

April 2006: ChipInspector Release 1.0

New or enhanced features compared to the pre-release version:

Features of the pre-release version: