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The Promoter Module Library

Regulatory units like promoters, enhancers or silencers contain functional modules many of which consist of at least two transcription factor binding sites in conserved order, separated by a spacer.

The Promoter Module Library is based on a compilation of such composite elements of two or more transcription factor binding sites. All of these promoter modules were shown to exhibit synergistic, antagonistic, or additive functions. References for the function and the experimental verification of the function are available for each promoter module.

The current Promoter Module Library (Version 6.6) consists of 1154 regulatory modules (1043 vertebrate modules and 111 plant modules).

ModelInspector is able to scan sequences for matches to the complete library or for selected promoter modules. All modules show a high specificity, revealing less than 1 match per 10,000 base pairs.

Example for a Promoter Module

The NF-kappa-B / IRF1 regulatory module is derived from one MHC class I HLA-B gene promoter. It mediates the synergistic induction of the HLA-B gene and other promoters by TNF and interferons.

NF-kappa-B / IRF1 module

Features of the NF-kappa-B / IRF1 module: