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Short Application Examples

Tutorial Programs used
Promoter analysis with MatInspector MatInspector
Biological classification of genes GeneRanker, GePS
Regulatory target prediction by next neighbor analysis Annotation & Statistics
Transcription factor binding site overrepresentation (e.g. in ChIP-seq peaks) Overepresented TF binding sites
Distance correlation of genomic elements GenomeInspector
Conserved TF binding site patterns in orthologous regions Orthologous Regions, Genome Browser, FrameWorker
Comparative Promoter Analysis Gene2Promoter, FrameWorker, ModelInspector
Conserved TF binding sites in orthologous promoters ElDorado, DiAlign TF
De novo transcription factor binding site definition with MatDefine MatDefine
De novo transcription factor binding site definition with CoreSearch CoreSearch

Webinar Recordings

Webinar Description
Introduction to the Genomatix Pathway System (1:06:29 minutes) This webinar recording gives an introduction how to perform pathway and network analyses using the Genomatix Pathway System (GePS).
Comparative promoter analysis with Genomatix (1:00:46 minutes) In silico promoter analysis can give you many transcription factor binding site (TFBS) matches in a promoter. The question is: Which of them are functional? This webinar will give you an introduction to the programs for comparative TFBS analysis in the Genomatix Software Suite.
Promoter analysis with Genomatix MatInspector (58:28 minutes) By means of live application examples, you will gain a detailed insight into the usage of MatInspector for transcription factor binding site analysis.