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Genomatix Software Suite

The Genomatix Software Suite is Genomatix' integrated solution for comprehensive visualization and interpretation for Gene Regulation and Next Generation Sequencing. The biological background data consisting of annotation and gene network data (ElDorado) plus the transcription factor knowledge contained in MatBase lets researchers analyze and interpret their experimental results in a unique biological context. Network and pathway generation, regulatory frameworks, literature analysis and binding site motif definition are only a few of the tasks that can be performed.


The main menu of the Genomatix Software Suite is the primary interface to access Genomatix' bioinformatics software packages and databases. The following packages are available:

1. NGS Mapping (only available on GGA)

High-performance mapping of NGS reads, including various options depending on the type of experimental data and desired downstream analysis:

2. NGS Analysis (only available on GGA)

A package with complete workflows for

3. Genes & Genomes

A package to retrieve details of genomic annotation from the Genomatix databases, view a graphical display in the GenomeBrowser, retrieve promoters or get statistics on uploaded BED/BAM files. This package includes for example

4. Gene Regulation

A package to retrieve comprehensive information on promoters, transcription factors and their binding sites (MatInspector/MatBase). Additionally, it includes various programs for the definition and search of complex regulatory patterns.

5. Literature & Pathways

A package to characterize your gene sets by various criteria, analyze pathway data or search scientific literature with keywords

Navigation Bar

In addition to the software launch boxes the Genomatix Software Suite provides access to all tasks via the navigation bar displayed on top of the main menu. All available tasks are highlighted in yellow, non-available tasks are displayed in grey. The navigation bar is grouped into the five main packages above and additionally contains the following menu points