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Edit user-defined model library

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This task allows users to manage their user-defined model library. It is available by selecting "Projects & Accounts -> Pattern Libraries: Personal Model Library & Subsets" from the navigation bar. The following subtasks are available:


Model Selection
Current Status

Click the "user-defined models" link to get the list of your user-defined models. If you click on one of the model names from the list, the detailed model description (e.g. the individual elements the model consists of and the distances between the elements) is shown. An example is given below.

List of existing models
  • Select a model from the list of your user-defined models and press the button "Modify Selected Model" to modify this model. An overview of the selected model is shown and you are able to modify element parameters, change distances between elements, and add or delete elements from the model. Details on the available element types and their parameters are described in the FastM help.
  • Select one or several models from the list of your user-defined models and press the button "Delete Selected Models" in order to delete them. You are asked to confirm the deletion of these models before they are really deleted.
Add a new model

Upload a binary model file (e.g. generated by the command-line version of FrameWorker) to your user-defined model library.
The extension of binary model files is ".model". Only correctly formatted model files are accepted. The name of the model will be taken from the file name of the uploaded model file. Optionally, the name of the model can be changed.

Model Subsets

Click the "Edit user-defined model subsets" link to view the list of your model subsets and/or delete selected model subsets. Generation of model subsets is possible via ModelInspector or by saving models from the FrameWorker output.

Example for a model overview of an user-defined model

Model Name my_test_model (including AARF and CEBP)

Element typeNameStrand ParametersDistance to next element
1 Matrix V$AARF (+) Min. core sim.: 0.750
Min. matrix sim.: 0.900
5 to 25 bp
2 Matrix V$CEBP (-) Min. core sim.: 0.750
Min. matrix sim.: 0.850

Total length: 5 - 25 bp