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Project Management



The "Project Management" allows users to easily manage projects including input files and results from all tasks of the Genomatix Software Suite.
The project management page can be accessed by selecting "Projects & Accounts -> Projects & Results" from the top menu of each page.

Note: A working project management requires JavaScript to be activated in your browser!
Additionally, users of Internet Explorer need at least version IE9.

Example project page

Here is a screenshot of an example project page:

Project Management Example


Projects and results are presented in a master-detail view.
Projects are listed in the left panel. Expanding a project by clicking on its name will show an overview of the associated input files (BAM, BigBed, VCF etc.) and available results for the various Genomatix tasks. The number of available files/results of each type are given in a small box on the left.
Selecting a type of input or a task with results on the left side will display all available files or results in the table on the right side.
Double-clicking a file or result will open it, whereas a single click will select the file for further actions (see below).
Note: If an input file appears in red, the file might not be available (for reasons see below, special treatment of BAM files).

The application stays responsive, i.e. even while it is loading some information due to a user interaction, further interactions are still possible.

Note: There is always one default project called MyProject which cannot be deleted or renamed.

Available Actions

Viewing results

Creating a new project

Accessing and editing project information (comment, creation date, size)

Note: The project's info view has to be open in order to do the following project actions.

Editing the project name

Editing the project comment

Deleting a project

Note: The 'edit name', 'edit comment' and 'delete project' actions are not available for the default project.

Archiving a project

Sharing a project

Revoking a shared project

Returning a shared project


Note: Settings will only be saved across sessions if your browser supports 'localStorage'.

Searching results

Editing results

Move/Copy results

Deleting results

Protecting results

Displaying results

Displaying result sizes

Sorting results

New result notifications

Note: Unfortunately this feature won't work in any version of the Internet Explorer. Supported browsers are: Chrome 6.0+, Firefox 6.0+, Safari 5.0+, Opera 11.5+. Users of Internet Explorer need to reload the page manually to see any new results.

On the special treatment of BAM files

BAM files can be very(!) large. Therefore, when importing them via the 'GMS' or 'GGA' option of the BAM file upload dialog, only meta information will be stored in the Project Management, e.g. the path to the original BAM file, but the files won't be copied to the Project Management. Each GGA tool/program that accepts BAM files as input will fetch the BAM data directly from the original BAM file location. If you delete the original BAM file on the GMS or the GGA, then it will not be available for the GGA tools/programs any longer. On the other hand, the original BAM file won't be changed when you delete the corresponding BAM file entry in the Project Management!
The BAM file import via the 'local' option works just like the BED file import, i.e. the BAM file itself will be stored in the Project Management.