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Job Queuing

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All long-running jobs are submitted to the job scheduler Slurm. Slurm ensures proper allocation of resources by subsequently running jobs, thus preventing any overload of the system. Some short-running jobs like MatInspector are not submitted to the job scheduler when started interactively (without email option). This makes sure that results of short-running analyses are displayed immediately.

The maximum number of simultaneously running jobs is determined by the number of CPU cores of the system. For example, on a GGA with 4 CPU cores, 4 jobs can run simultaneously, all further jobs are queued for submission. Users can view their running/queued jobs via "Projects & Results". The GGA administrator can view and modify all jobs with the Slurm command "sview" as described in the System Administrator's Guide.


Here is an example list of running/queued jobs:

Jobs that were started by the user and which are not yet completed are displayed in the table "Submitted jobs" under "Projects & Results".

Job Manager example

For each job the following information is displayed:

The jobs can be killed by using the "Remove job" icon in the last column. Users will then get an email informing them that the job has been cancelled.
Using the "Refresh" link at the bottom-left of the table you can refresh the job listing without reloading the whole page.

On the Genomatix online server ( only jobs started under your own account are displayed. On a GGA (Genomatix Genome Analyzer) the jobs of all users are listed (as shown in the example above).