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MatBase contains information on associations between tissues and matrix families, i.e. groups of matrices for similar transcription factors. This information is generated from automated literature analysis combined with expert curation. Though this approach generates extensive data, it is not all-embracing. It gives you a general idea, though, if a certain group of transcription factors might be prominent in a certain tissue - those that are listed as 'preferentially associated' - or if it is 'non-exclusively associated', i.e. it has been found in one or more tissues but there is no specific preference.

Tissue overview

The Tissue overview is what you will get if you select the tissue category for browsing. It lists all available tissues together with any matrix families that are associated with a tissue. Below is an excerpt from the page showing only the first eight tissues. The left column ('Tissue') lists the tissue names, the right column ('Associated matrix families') lists the associated matrix families. Clicking on one of the family names will take you to the respective family page.

tissue overview

Tissue result page

If you get a result from a search, e.g. by searching for 'liver', it will look like the image below. The left column shows the tissue name(s), the right one the associated matrix families. Clicking on a matrix family name will take you to the respective page.

single tissue

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